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Today during homeroom I noticed that my health book had broccoli on it. I know big discovery, right! On the left side of the cover there is a faucet with water spraying everywhere and underneath the faucet there is a pair of hands. Normal non-wrinkly hands do the normal sanitizing routine: washing your hands in water. But…here is the problem. The hands are being washed over a sprout of broccoli. How do you refer to a bunch of broccoli? A Tree? Bush? Headdress? Correct food  pluralization classification should be provided in dictionaries. Anyways, the broccoli is no longer safe to eat because the toxins on the hands are falling on the broccoli. It’s a minor issue, but with a simple solution. Just replace the broccoli with a rotten egg or something. The publishers should replace the picture with a cigarette. Oh yeah. Toxins are being spread on to something toxic. Double Whammy! Now people really shouldn’t smoke…it might have added germs from a health book picture. You never know.

On another random note, is there a decrease in freckles or am I crazy? I feel that the freckle population is dying. It’s one of those recessive traits. I noticed freckles on my English teacher Mrs. Koenig today. She is an adult who has freckles, very impressive. Hardly any adults have freckles. I am really excited about this discovery. Consult my subconscious if you are curious as to why I’m so excited. My conscious has no clue.

My presentation today went mediocre. I have done better. I can tolerate not getting a 100% but a 88%? Unfortunately I will have to consult her. Well I don’t have too, but I will. I could read her mind and figure out my mistakes or I could pour Veritaserum into her coffee mug. I would go for the truth serum, but I have none. And I can’t read minds. Dagger!

Stay Excellent! And a read a controversial book this week…It’s Banned Book Week.

Yours Troubie, Cranberry Lorraine