Sawasdee.  Bonus points to whoever knows what that word means and what language it is ! I’m sure someone will figure it out or perhaps already know.  I personally welcome you to this blog…even though I probably don’t know who you are. Anyhoo, I still welcome you. Hey that rhymed! I like to get excited over simple things (like spontaneous rhymes)  because life isn’t simple and I enjoy pretending it’s simple. As for this blog’s purpose, it is merely for my amusement and satisfaction of my inner writer. If you attend SFHS and you are a skilled identity thief, please don’t parade your success in front of the school. If you reveal me, it will defeat the purpose of the whole “secret” thing. Stay Excellent!

Yours Troubie, Cranberry Lorraine

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. You crack me up.




  2. Sawasdee. A Thai version of Aloha… or more relevant Hindu’s namaste. Anyway, keep your head up and don’t let the priests drive you too crazy.

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