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Binder clips vs. paper clips: an age old contest between two completely essential scholarly appliances. Which one is better? My English teacher prefers binder clips and that’s about it for pro-binder clip teachers. All of my other teachers either prefer staples or don’t really care. I personally passionately despise staples. It’s so easy for the staple to get caught on other stapled items and if the staple is edging off the page then the whole assignment is screwed up. The pages don’t fit correctly and ugly creases are made in the papers when the page is turned. And taking the staple out to fix the position is just an added stress. It’s extremely vexing.

Paper clips are handy for small assignments, with only a few sheets of paper. I prefer paper clips for jewelry purposes. Scholarly chic accessories. Paper clips are great for learning how to juggle; they are tiny enough that an “older” teacher won’t hear the clank. I can’t juggle to save my best friend’s life, let alone my own life, if you were curious.

Binder clips have and hold more substance. Excellent for essays and  paper wasting projects. A stash can be kept on a binder too, they hold quite nicely. It’s also fun to snap the handles in someone’s ear…just to remind them that you exist. However with smaller assignments (less than four pages or so) the pressure of the clip dents the paper, which can be upsetting. But binder clips come in a variety of sizes, which means that for all the overly particular people there is someone who cares about your need for equivalency between binder clip size and paper amount.

I don’t know which one I like better. Let’s just say that I like the one that the teacher wants on their assignments.

I have my freshman retreat tomorrow!! Looking forward to sleeping in…………

Stay Excellent!

Yours Troubie, Cranberry Lorraine